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Kids Doing The Oscars

I didn’t watch the Oscars tonight. I was too busy doing real life stuff like working my terrible dead end job until 10:30 but, while I was away making the lettuce my girlfriend sent me this link. It was a pleasant thing to come home to at the end of the night. I laughed, I cri…well I laughed more. Watch as these kids act out scenes from selected Oscar Nominees. I guess you could say there are spoilers here but, who hasn’t seen all of these. I don’t even feel like I missed anything.

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Posting Original Content

For my journalism class I was asked to post a video online in various places and to interact with the comments. I decided to post a small video of my two younger brothers and I skateboarding.  I ended up posting the video in three places. First it was hosted on YouTube. Then I posted it to my Facebook page. Finally a made a Reddit post about it in the r/skateboarding section. As I had suspected I got the most response from Facebook. Some of my favorite comments were:

I have just witnessed one of the years best videos, where there once was thought to be nothing a glimmer of hope shines in the darkness. Surely people will make pilgrimages to the places shown in this video. -Sean Murphy

Embodiment of a care-free Summer.-Justin Van Goor

Loved it the first time and every time after. What memories are made from.- Jean Winship (aka my Mom)

It makes me sentimental for y’all because i love you(s) AND it makes me nostalgic for a time period in my life when i had hours to play outside perfecting my craft….bicycles, swimming and diving. -Shannon Lynch


It is always nice to see your friends and family comment on something you post. I responded to Justin Van Goor’s post saying that I actually was working fulltime to it wasn’t exactly care-free to which he responded with saying “Care-free can be figurative instead of literal party-pooper.” And then “Enter toking Sublime “summer song” post. Livings easy and all that bullshit.”  He is a character indeed. My mother and aunt (of whom I am friends with on Facebook…I know…) both submitted heartfelt comments about how much they love my brothers and I. On of my brothers commented both n=on Facebook and on YouTube about his lack of footy (footage) in the part. Some of my brother’s friends commented poking fun at them. Overall it was a very lighthearted conversation of people exclaiming their general approval for the video.

It wasn’t quite the same over at Reddit.com. Reddit’s skateboarding section frequently gets a lot of user generated content. This content is usually either ignored or not worth commenting on. It appears this video falls into that category. It didn’t even get any upvotes. Sometimes that is the way it is on Reddit. You need to have something that will completely blow the audience away in order to get anywhere.

I have been posting pictures and videos online for years. I have been “starring” in videos my friends have posted for just as long. This wasn’t a new experience to me. It is always fun to see what your other friends or peers or strangers will say about your video. Comment culture is thriving and it will only get more and more prevalent until it seems all we do is talk to one another online. Hopefully at that point we can make a change and switch back to IRL conversations. Who knows?

Oh and if you want to check out the video here it is:

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Nerdy White Kid Raps Fast [Update]

I was right. It went viral. Check out this Washington Post update  on it.


Can I just say: I called that one.

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Going Viral! with Nerdy White Kid

So, my journalism professor gives the class this assignment this week to find a video that has gone viral. He also gave an assignment to check out reddit.com. (My kind of class) So, I go on reddit.com today (like I do everyday but, I will talk about that later) and would you look at that there is a viral video on my front page. Score! So, I posted the video below. “What is this!?” You ask yourself. Well, this is a rapper named Mac Lethal. He has been making underground Hip Hop for years. He even made his own record label so that he wouldn’t have to deal with major record labels. A while ago this kid named Whatsky posted a Youtube video that went viral. You may remember it. It was called “Pale Kid Raps Fast.” Well, my friend, Mac responded with the video “Pale Kid Raps Faster.” And since then it has been on. The video you see below is yet another one of Mac Lethal’s look-I-can-rap-really-fast videos since then. He takes the popular beat from the song “Look At Me Now” which has been redone a few times already and puts a funny little spin on it. He cooks breakfast while rapping about cooking breakfast. Currently on Youtube it says this video only has 300 views but, that is part of this thing Youtube does that nobody understands really. There are much more than that. With over 4000 likes since it was posted earlier today there must be thousands more views than that. Why is this video going viral? Well you have two major elements. First you have the mainstream music aspect. The song “Look At Me Know” is popular with the young people. We’ve all heard it. We all like Karmin’s version better. Okay, maybe that is just me. My point is that it is well known. Secondly you have someone doing something that not a lot of people can do and on top of that he is (HO MY GOD WAIT FOR IT) WHITE. Gasp. Yes. There are white rappers!? No way! They can rap just as fast as Twista or Busta? It’s sort of shock value to those who don’t know. So, people wanna see it. Personally I think Mac is above using viral videos and exploiting his race for views but, hell it works and the videos are pretty cool. Go and check them out.

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