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Dear esteemed reader,

You may notice a large gap of inactivity on this blog. Since I started this blog many things have happened in my life. The one thing to note that would be the most important here was my decision to stop talking about being a writer and to start writing. In the past five months I have drafted myself a novel. I am still finishing the final edits but, if all goes well it will be done before I turn 24. I plan on using this blog to promote my novel so, any posts you see from here on out should be about that.

I will leave all of the other posts from my past here just so that people will see a little bit about who I am. I should note that this blog was created as part of a college class. I had no intention of keeping it once it was done but, viral marketing is necessary for any young author so, here we are.  I will continue to post here in hopes that one day, after I am published, when people search my name it will bring them here. If it did then hello all you people. Thank you for taking an interest in me and my work.

Again thanks,

Ian A Winship

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