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Posting Original Content

For my journalism class I was asked to post a video online in various places and to interact with the comments. I decided to post a small video of my two younger brothers and I skateboarding.  I ended up posting the video in three places. First it was hosted on YouTube. Then I posted it to my Facebook page. Finally a made a Reddit post about it in the r/skateboarding section. As I had suspected I got the most response from Facebook. Some of my favorite comments were:

I have just witnessed one of the years best videos, where there once was thought to be nothing a glimmer of hope shines in the darkness. Surely people will make pilgrimages to the places shown in this video. -Sean Murphy

Embodiment of a care-free Summer.-Justin Van Goor

Loved it the first time and every time after. What memories are made from.- Jean Winship (aka my Mom)

It makes me sentimental for y’all because i love you(s) AND it makes me nostalgic for a time period in my life when i had hours to play outside perfecting my craft….bicycles, swimming and diving. -Shannon Lynch


It is always nice to see your friends and family comment on something you post. I responded to Justin Van Goor’s post saying that I actually was working fulltime to it wasn’t exactly care-free to which he responded with saying “Care-free can be figurative instead of literal party-pooper.” And then “Enter toking Sublime “summer song” post. Livings easy and all that bullshit.”  He is a character indeed. My mother and aunt (of whom I am friends with on Facebook…I know…) both submitted heartfelt comments about how much they love my brothers and I. On of my brothers commented both n=on Facebook and on YouTube about his lack of footy (footage) in the part. Some of my brother’s friends commented poking fun at them. Overall it was a very lighthearted conversation of people exclaiming their general approval for the video.

It wasn’t quite the same over at Reddit.com. Reddit’s skateboarding section frequently gets a lot of user generated content. This content is usually either ignored or not worth commenting on. It appears this video falls into that category. It didn’t even get any upvotes. Sometimes that is the way it is on Reddit. You need to have something that will completely blow the audience away in order to get anywhere.

I have been posting pictures and videos online for years. I have been “starring” in videos my friends have posted for just as long. This wasn’t a new experience to me. It is always fun to see what your other friends or peers or strangers will say about your video. Comment culture is thriving and it will only get more and more prevalent until it seems all we do is talk to one another online. Hopefully at that point we can make a change and switch back to IRL conversations. Who knows?

Oh and if you want to check out the video here it is:

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How Is Using Storify?

For an assignment I made a Storify story which I posted here as well as on my Facebook page. It was the first time I had heard of Storify. For those who don’t know Storify is website that allows you to take links, tweets, and other forms of new media and put them together all in one place to build a story using quotes and information from a variety of sources. In between these quotes and tweets and links you can add your own text furthering the story. They can be constantly updated and are usually rather relevant. For my Storify story I decided to write about something that was “Breaking News” at the time. Deval Patrick had just signed a bill that would allow gambling to be legalized in Massachusetts. I got a link from the first web article on the story as well as a number of tweets from people who had just read it. I wanted to show a diversity of opinions about it but, at the time it seemed like most of the people were in favor. A couple of days later I went back and edited the story including even more tweets that shared a more diverse perspective. I didn’t think any had seen this until people started to talk to me about it after going home for the long weekend. It seems people do see what I write (especially if I post links to my blog on the Facebook) and they, at the very least, find it somewhat interesting.

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Reciprocity: You are my friend, right?

In the book “Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out” Dana Boyd writes about reciprocity. The way she explains it, even just from a few years ago, is already out of date. She explains this idea of reciprocity through the lens of Myspace. And we all know Myspace is, like, so five years ago. She explains the concept of reciprocity as the feeling that if someone “Friends” you or in terms of Myspace “Top-Friends” you then you are obligated to do the same for them. It’s this idea that we can’t upset someone who thinks highly of us. We need to reciprocate their feelings. This works also with comments. If someone starts commenting on something you said or a picture you took it has come to a point that people feel the need to go and write a comment for that person. I’d like to say that this is just the way things are. That this is now just proper social netiquette but, I cannot. A large amount of these social networking sites are built around us. Me, me, me. It is all we care about. We think “look how many friends I have” or “look how many comments I got.” People will go as far as deleting posts that do not get any comments. Why? They want it to look like people care about what they have to say. This whole idea that you need to reciprocate comments and feelings towards someone just because they did it first isn’t so much that you want them to feel good it is to encourage them to keep doing it. It is saying “Hey, that’s cool. You can keep talking to me and stalking my pictures because I like what you have to say about me.” I’d really love to say that I don’t do this. I think everyone would like to say that. I do know that I don’t do this as much as some people. Some people do it less for me. In the end it us undeniable. The whole point of social networking is to get as many people as possible to know and more importantly to like you.

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