The Narwhal Bacons at Midnight

When I found out that my Journalism professor wanted me to look at for a week and then write about it here in my blog I couldn’t help but to laugh. I’ve got my three years Reddit trophy and while that really isn’t something to brag about and I wouldn’t talk about it outside of the internets the thing is we are inside the internets right now so I think it’s fine.  Reddit has been a lot of things for me. Most of all it has become an addiction. I’ve talked to a friend about this assignment and he said “That professor just doomed that whole class. How are they going to do their finals now?” is a giant distraction. I don’t like telling people about it because if you get into it it will take up huge amounts of your time. You will be  browsing Reddit looking at stupid pictures of cats or videos of some guy rapping while cooking pancakes until you finally feel like you’ve looked enough so you open another tab to do something else and then you just have Reddit in another tab. You will start intentionally leaving Reddit out of your daily vocabulary because your friends and family will groan when they hear it. “Where did you learn that?” They might ask.  “Oh…the internet.” Reddit feels like a small tight knit community of like minded individuals. It isn’t. There are millions MILLIONS of people who look at Reddit every single day. In terms of comments you will easily get lost in the crowd unless you get in there early with either something witty or incredibly stupid. If it goes against the hivemind be prepared to be downvoted to hell. While there are some Reddit “celebrities” such as Sure_Ill_Draw_That, Flossdaily, probablyhittingonyou, or the notorious andrewsmith1986 most of the people and comments on Reddit go unnoticed. You can be there for years and never come close to the glorious front page. I’d love to share my Reddit username but that is a flat out lie. I don’t know what I said over the years and there is no way I am connecting that name with my real name. Not a chance. Especially with the revival or a sub-reddit aptly named WTF. I’ve commented on some things that simply shouldn’t be seen. While Reddit can be a terrible place that sucks away all your time and fills your mind with useless nonsense it is actually a valuable tool. I get all of my news information from Reddit. I have read many incredibly interesting personal stories. I have had the opportunity to talk to a number of famous people I otherwise would never “meet.” Come to think of it I have a free suit being sent to me in the mail right now from a person on Reddit. He had moved on in his life and didn’t need it anymore and offered it up to Reddit. There are good people on Reddit. Good things comes from the site. If you don’t let it distract you during Finals week and you make sure not to talk about it all the time Reddit is awesome. Also there are people all around you that go on Reddit that will know you do if you let a meme slip in real life. What’s a meme? That’s a whole new discussion my friend.

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