Yelp Reviews! Write them!

So, if you don’t know by now you better learn Yelp is here to stay and folks Yelp helps. I’ve used Yelp a whole bunch of times when I was thinking about how expensive regular restaurants are before giving up and eating ramen or maybe going someplace with a dollar menu. No, but really, I do actually use Yelp to pick restaurants or other businesses to go to frequently. I’ve never really though of writing reviews for stuff like that before I was assigned to do some.

I wrote my first one recently on a local place aptly named Local Burger and Fries. It is pretty great, but I guess you can read this: to see what I think. I found, afterwards while looking at other reviews, that it seems I didn’t have a lot to say. I enjoyed the place immensely and I was excited about writing a review that could potentially get more people to go there and enjoy themselves, but, I mean, I am no food critic. While I can say I liked the food, the service, and the atmosphere it didn’t seem fair to gush over them for no reason like some other reviews I have written.

For my second review I wrote about something I know a little bit more. I wrote this review: on Credo Skate and Snow Shoppe. This was a little bit easier for me because I have been to this particular location countless times as well as the fact that there were just a handful of other reviews to compete with. If someone looks up Credo they will see my review for sure. That is pretty cool.

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