How Is Using Storify?

For an assignment I made a Storify story which I posted here as well as on my Facebook page. It was the first time I had heard of Storify. For those who don’t know Storify is website that allows you to take links, tweets, and other forms of new media and put them together all in one place to build a story using quotes and information from a variety of sources. In between these quotes and tweets and links you can add your own text furthering the story. They can be constantly updated and are usually rather relevant. For my Storify story I decided to write about something that was “Breaking News” at the time. Deval Patrick had just signed a bill that would allow gambling to be legalized in Massachusetts. I got a link from the first web article on the story as well as a number of tweets from people who had just read it. I wanted to show a diversity of opinions about it but, at the time it seemed like most of the people were in favor. A couple of days later I went back and edited the story including even more tweets that shared a more diverse perspective. I didn’t think any had seen this until people started to talk to me about it after going home for the long weekend. It seems people do see what I write (especially if I post links to my blog on the Facebook) and they, at the very least, find it somewhat interesting.

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One thought on “How Is Using Storify?

  1. Chambers says:

    Storify was new to me too. I am glad you had a good experience with it. I think it’s a great new tool to add social media together for a news story but I personally wasn’t captivated by Storify. Maybe I need to practice a little more?

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