Project 2: Calling In

I had a lot of trouble trying to get on to the radio. I’d like to make it known that I do not listen to the radio. Whether it is for music (like most my age) or for talk (like few my age, but some in my field) I have never been interested in radio. I simply do not think there is something there for me. While I would like to think about myself as someone who keeps up with news I cam to the realization that I really don’t while doing this project. I am just another headline reader. I get the gist of the world around me but if I need to go deeper into it I cannot discuss a lot of issues. There will always be very large events or issues that I can talk about. Unluckily for me those were not the topics of the shows I tried to get on. I don’t care much for politics although I am trying to bring them into my life. I do not care much for sports. I play/have played many. I am just another fair-weather fan. To be perfectly honest I am mostly interested in alternate cultures that do not and would not get talked about on the radio. I could talk for days about these things. Oh well. Here is the play by play of my attempts to get on the radio and ultimately failing:

-First I tried Vox Pop with Alan Chartock. They were talking about Bernie Madoff. I didn’t know anything about that. I listened for half an hour but, couldn’t find anything to say

-So I switched to Jen Brien at WRKO Boston. She was talking about religion and how it is a business. This was interesting to me. I listened to the show for about 45 minutes and then listened to my phone ring until the show ended. I never got through through.

-Then I turned to Howie Carr also of WRKO. He talked about politics and I couldn’t find anything to say about that.

-On another day I listened to The Dennis Miller Show on WRKO. This show was run holding calls about anything. Perfect! Right? Wrong. I thought that would be good except when I tried calling all I got was a ring or two and a message to record a voice mail.

-I recorded one on how Dennis Miller was screwing me over because I had to do this project as soon as possible and I couldn’t because I kept getting sent to voicemail. At this point I may have been getting frustrated. I kept trying to call until the end of the show and never made it on. Maybe they will play my slightly angry voice mail later.

-I then listened to the Money Matters Show for a period of time before deciding that I wouldn’t be able to talk about any of this as a poor college student who knows nothing about finance.

-As my time had run out I concluded that it is just not my place to be on radio. I acknowledge the brave few who do call in. It’s not easy. It takes time and a lot of thought to get a good call in to a radio station. Had I wanted to call in and start screaming savagery slander I supposed I could have. I wanted to bring an intellectual side to this whole thing. That was my downfall. It’s not easy being an intellectual. It takes time and patience. I simply ran out of both.

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2 thoughts on “Project 2: Calling In

  1. Logan Bedell says:

    I have been having similar problems all weekend. I have been jumping around from show to show, but it’s hard to contribute to conversations that you don’t know much about. It would definitely be helpful if there was a way to know ahead of time what topics would be discussed on a given show, during a given time, like we said in class.

  2. mekdimteka says:

    I agree, once or twice I even called in about things I knew nothing about (Talk of the Nation has a “Science Friday” apprently, so, understanding nothing I attempted to call in on the last story of the show on an expedition to the South Pole after googling the expedition and coming up with some question).

    Also, Ian, I thought about calling into Mad Money (the real life equivalent of the show before Barry Champlain’s, I think) and he was taking calls about “callers favorite stocks”, and I too realized I was out of my league, and tax bracket.

    I think this is interesting though, because it gives an insight into who callers are. It seems like they must simply listen often and call in when the show happens to apply to them, because attempting to chime in from the outside didn’t work out so well.

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