Wikis! Editing them (and not trolling)

I contributed to the Umass Wiki which can be found at (go figure.) I feel like you need to have real knowledge about something before you simply go throwing your say all over the place. It didn’t take me too long to post the two posts. I edited a piece into the one on Franklin DC because I work there and know what it is like to be a student worker. I also added the local indoor rock climbing gym to the list of “Local Stuff.” I put this in the wrong section accidently because I cannot figure out how to put it in the correct section. Both of posts were not tampered with in any way. I know that my posts in the past on other wikis did not fair as well. It all depends on how popular the topic and how likely immature and/or bored people will mess with it. Fortunately for me I don’t think a lot of people know about and/or use the Umass Wiki. I think it could be a really reliable resource to students. Wikis, that are not Wikipedia, are more or less ignored in my experience. Wikipedia has become such a large website it practically dominates the wikis of the net. I wanted to try and make this post to show that there are more out there. A lot of people consider Wikipedia as the only thing that is a wiki online. This is simply untrue. There area variety of wikis out there ready to be explored and expanded on./motivationalspeaking

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