Occupy Wall Street: Talk Talk Talk Radio (…er kinda)

Occupy Wall Street is what is happening right now. Going along with my recent focus on radio talk shows I am going to look at two different radio shows concerning the topic.

The first is an interview with Lucas Vasquez, representing Occupy Wall Street, done by Peter Joseph at V Radio. Lucas is a high school student in New York City who is a part of organizing Occupy Wall Street. Lucas says Occupy Wall Street is a form of participator democracy non-hierarchical leadeless structure where people have equal voices in public place with a facilitator who decides what topics to talk about with hopes to find a general consensus. The host, Peter Joseph, says he basically wants to give the middle finger to mainstream media. They both agree that mainstream media has been more or less ignoring The Occupy Wall Street protests. They both agree that protesting should achieve something. They talk about many different topics regarding what is happening and they both provide support for one another and the whole Occupy Wall Street movement.

You can listen to the interview here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/v-radio/2011/10/03/lucas-vazquez-of-occupy-wall-street-interview

In another clip we see Cenk Uygur from the popular online news shows “The Young Turks” sinking his teeth into Bill O’Reilly who at the same time is trying to sink his teeth into the “Miscreants” of Occupy Wall Street. Now Bill O is sitting pretty up in his study slewing slander about Occupy Wall Street and overall trying to discredit the entire movement based on the actions of few. This is what Cenk, who is on the streets, talks about. He pulls direct quotes from Bill O and talks about them. Here we can see two perspective on this whole thing. Bill O think everyone in the Occupy Wall Street protests are young dirty jobless hippies who don’t have anything to bring to the table. Thanks Bill. While Cenk, even though he does acknowledge those dirty individuals, still gives them the benifit of the doubt and says maybe, just maybe they can be for something while still smoking pot and having sex.

Watch for yourself:







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