What is the job of a radio host?

The fact of the matter is that it is not John Ziegler’s job to be responsible, or nuanced, or to think about whether his on-air comments are productive or dangerous, or cogent, or even defensible. That is not to say that the host would not defend his “we’re better”—strenuously—or that he does not believe it’s true. It is to say that he has exactly one on-air job, and that is to be stimulating.- David Foster Wallace

Radio shows can be a form of journalism. It is the journalists job to be productive, cogent, and defensible. It is not the journalists to form biases and opinions. They are here simply to spread the news. Some radio shows are not journalism. Not really. They are entertainment. They are stimulating. They need to be. Especially in this day and age. People can go and get their “news” anywhere. They can get their information from so many different outlets. Radio is one in many and it doesn’t lend itself to the attention wanderers we call consumers today. It is because of this that people like John Ziegler need to do what they do. These people need to be controversial, passionate, and most importantly stimulating. This way when the listener is cruising through radio stations they will stop on your station and stay there. As long as the listener knows that the show is opinion and not “fact” then I think it is fine what they do.

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