Twitter! Wait Twitter Again? Well, Yeah, Biz Stone Said Some Stuff…

After listening to an NPR Fresh Air interview with Biz Stone my feelings on Twitter honestly haven’t really changed. Here it is: I know what Twitter wants to be. I know what they started off intending to do. I know that is is being used by people in revolutions and protests. Good things are coming out of the use of Twitter. There is no denying that. What is undeniable is the sheer amount of crap there is as well. The number of those using Twitter as a tool, as a resource, is slight compared to that of those who use it for their own personal self promotion and those others who consume this mostly useless information. I am all for Twitter as a tool. I did not know how useful of a tool it had the potential to be until recently. The sad truth is Twitter isn’t being used the way these Founders wanted. Not really. I think Twitter is still in something of a baby stage. It needs time to grow. It could grow up to be a doctor or it could group up to be a deadbeat. It’s hard to tell at this time.

You can find the Biz Stone interview here:

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