John Ziegler: Radio Host

In this story by David Foster Wallace on John Ziegler,, I mostly confirmed the image of the radio host I have nurtured over the years. John Ziegler is a loud, passionate, opinionated, witty, hardworking man. He knows how to do radio. To say he doesn’t because he doesn’t have a radio “personality” would be foolish. He simply is a radio personality. There are some people in this world that you can’t help but to stop and listen to. Mr. Z is one of those people. He is what other radio hosts, who design these brash or harsh attitudes, want to be. He is the aim, the focus. Something that struck me was his overall appearance which Wallace described a number of times. The only word I can think of is “fancy.” John Ziegler seemed to dress up whether he was to be seen or not. Another thing that stuck out was his pure enthusiasm and energy. The way Wallace talks about his gestures and facial expression. John Ziegler is charismatic. He is one of those people that stick out in a crowd because he won’t simply be shuffling along he will be talking loudly while flailing his arms and laughing without shame. John Ziegler was made for radio.

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