Editors see a policy of limited editorial intervention as the only way to ensure an open and honest debate about the varied issues that face citizens of a multicultural society. They are also eager to show that ethical aims of fairness, accuracy and balance underpin the letters pages. (Page 87) Wahl


I think it is fair to say that editors try to make their work come out as something that will be open and honest. They are open to other points of view as well so that if need be a debate can take place. Debates often will take place around a multicultural society. As a matter of a fact at this point it may be hard to find a society that isn’t multicultural in some respect. Editors don’t want to interfere with the final product. They will only do so if need be. Their job is to make sure the finished product will be clear and factual. They should not edit anything to try and impose their own views. When editors bring letters into the paper they open up the conversation with the readers.  They open the debate. Of course as editors represent their papers and as they want to appeal to the readers who took the time to write the letters they try to be as fair and respectful as possible. In my opinion most of the times letters are written to the editor to voice some kind of complaint. Many times the public will not write to the editor to tell us, as journalist, how good of a job we are doing. They write because something is wrong. It is because of this that editors want to show these pages. They want to show the public they care. They want to show everyone that they are on top of it. They are the news bringers.


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