Twitter: Cutting it Short

This is a BBC story on how one journalist, Conor Spackman, reflects on his decision to write a whole news story, about Twitter nonetheless, using paragraphs of only 140 characters.


The Original story can be found here


This is curiously connected to what we did in our last class.  We were trying to determine what Journalism is using a limited amount of words. Mr Spackman is trying to practice journalism with similar constraints. In this way I think we can all agree that what Spackman is doing can be considered Journalism even if he is doing it through Twitter.


One thought on “Twitter: Cutting it Short

  1. Scott B says:

    Interesting take by Spackman. There is something to reading a number of 140-character sentences consecutively that is rhythmically pleasing. I know I am often recasting sentences to try to have them fit onto Twitter.

    I especially appreciate the final paragraph of the story:


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