Largest Prison Strike in America…Oh You Didn’t Hear About It?

Between December 9th and December 13th America had it’s largest prison strike ever. And nobody knew. It seems that across ten different prisons across Georgia prisoners talked with one another and arranged this strike. They mostly wanted fair pay for the work they were doing. As it was they were not being paid at all and this goes against the 13th Amendment of the Constitution.  That was their biggest plea. Also though they realized that they were living in terrible conditions and were receiving terrible health care.  The also wanted an end to cruel and unusual punishment and this one is very understandable. They also wanted to have opportunities to educate themselves so that when they do get out of prison they can do something with their lives instead of being sent back to prison.  The most curious thing about all of this is that no big media stories were made about it at all. There was small news coverage about it from the area but noone else seemed to care. This was the biggest prison strike in America and everyone was too interested in what was happening in their sitcoms and reality TV to know about it. That makes me feel bad. As a young person who is looking into making a career out of journalism in some way or another I am mad. I am mad that there wasn’t at least one big paper or one big news corporation that thought this was news worthy.  There must have been someone somewhere who knew about it and just let it be. News is supposed to be reported and this news should have. It is unclear exactly what happened, but it almost seems as if there is a giant invisible hand looming here. It seems almost as if someone doesn’t want people to see what is happening. It seems like someone doesn’t want people to know about the worsening conditions of the prison system in America. Who knows?

Check out one of the few articles on it here:


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