Photojournalism: It’s all about the faces

In a lecture given by a man by the name of Dennis Vandal he said a piece of advice just kept coming up. That advice was that no matter what in photojournalism the pictures of faces are the most important. Below is a picture taken by Steve McCurry and it was used as the coer of the June National Geographic on 1985.

Afghan Girl by by Steve McCurry

I encountered this image a long time ago and whenever someone talks about good portrait shots I think of it. There is something about this image that is just compelling to me. Of course the focus immediately falls on the young girls eyes. It is hard to think that she was only twelve when the picture was taken. You can see the hardship and struggle through the pure expression on her face.  You may also notice the tattered clothing which is just another sign of rough times. This is a great picture.

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