Movies and Ratings and Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert is one of the most well known movie critics today. He is a man that has been sitting in front of the silver screen for years and years. If he writes your movie a good review then your movie is a good movie. Even if it isn’t. It’s good for you though because you will probably be making some good money. Money is very important to movie makers. Another thing that is important in ratings. A recent article quotes Ebert saying “there are only two meaningful ratings: R and not R.”  The article is about Ebert’s stance on the MPAA  and their whole rating system. He thinks it is time for a change.  America as a society has changed a lot in the last 40 some years since the MPAA was created. As far as the public knows their whole rating system hasn’t changed at all and it still remains a mystery. But, we now have a much easier chance of seeing or hearing things that simply wouldn’t fly forty years ago. TV has changed, movies have changed, taste has changed. Plus on top of all of that we now have the all important INTERNET. The internet has opened innocent eyes to things that they will never unsee. This is simply how it is. Innocence in a way has left the building. It would make sense for the MPAA to change the rating system. Movies would not be made in a certain way trying to not get a bad rating. There would be more artistic freedom and while this may mean more sex and violence and butts on your movie screen it would also mean better movies. Instead of regurgitation of the same stories again and again with sequel on top of sequel we might possibly see some awe inspiring, interesting movies. Nothing stays the same for forever and to try to do so is naive.   Change is inevitable and the best thing you can do is to simply work with it. The MPAA needs to work with the changes in society and make a new rating system.

To read Ebert’s own words go here:


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