The Media and the TSA

Recently the Transportation Security Administration also known as the TSA started to offer an unpopular ultimatum. The choice was to either have a full body scan where the operators would be able to clearly see you naked or to get a rather personal pat down where no area on your body was left untouched. The media went in to a frenzy. In today’s day and age were almost every single person has a tiny hand held camera in their pockets privacy in an airport is almost impossible. Picture upon picture surfaced of TSA workers touching the people who opted out of the body scan. With pictures to support their stories and sour attitudes at having their personal space invaded people went to the press. In some cases it was totally warranted. For instance there was a story about a man who’s pat down broke his urostomy bag.  This man had bladder cancer and needed a bag to hold his urine. The pat down was so vigorous that it broke this bag leaving the man covered in his own pee and completely humiliated.  It is safe to say that the pat downs were a little too much if they were doing damage like this. There were also a variety of stories about TSA workers touching young children. People were concerned for the privacy of their own children because they were not being treated any differently than an adult would.  Videos would pop up all over the internet of the private areas people were being taken into because workers needed to do a scan and pat down of their children. Now the whole reason for these unusual practices is because the TSA decided they needed to beef up our National Security. The thing I don’t understand is why they think that children are such a huge threat to National Security. I understand there is reason to be cautious but there is a line that needs to be drawn. There have also been a number of stories about how these scans and pat downs don’t even work. For instance there is a video or Adam Savage (of Mythbusters fame) where he admits that he accidently carried two 12 inch long razors onto the plane without the TSA noticing. He says they were for work and he didn’t even know they were they, but neither did the TSA. How effective are these scans anyways?


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