John Stewart the Interviewer

In his interview with Barack Obama on The Daily Show John Stewart asks the hard to ask questions with humor in mind. As you may know the Daily Show is a comedy show first and foremost.  But this show shares political information with more viewers than most news shows.  John Stewart backed by his exceptionally gifted writing team make one of show businesses best interviewers. He does a great job with asking questions that are important while still seeming to have a conversation with the person he is interviewing. In this case it happens to be the President of the United States of America. A lot of people might falter and become nervous when confronted with such an important figure. John Stewart is someone who can hold his composure and have fun while talking politics with the big man in charge himself.  During the interview he can improvise which questions he asks in order to carry the conversation along. The best part of his style of interviewing is that because he knows he is there for humor based purposes he can use that as a shield of sorts to ask some very important questions. These questions can be answered without Barack Obama feeling threatened in any way because of the way they are asked. Really it is a pretty smart way of going about it.

You can find the interview here:–1


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