Reddit is a website where the readers control the content. Readers across the world search the web and post interesting links on Reddit. The best of these links will be voted towards Reddit’s front page where it will be seen by many many people. There are many different sub categories set up into the system. These sub categories are called sub reddits. Some of the popular ones include politics and world news. Reddit can be used for serious news gathering or it can be used for fun with other sub  reddits such as pics and today I learned. The best thing about this website is that you will get news before most of your local news companies show it. It is user run and supports a community of like minded individuals who simply want to share their interests. Information flows constantly into the site. The important information will usually be seen on the front page while sometimes it takes a little bit of searching to find it.  A down side to the site is that it seems to have a self titled “hive-mind” that has been built in the community. This means that the bulk of Reddit thinks in a similar fashion.  Some information will be voted up to the top (or upvoted) simply because it is what the “hive-mind” wants. Some information will be voted down (or downvoted) until it is possible that nobody would ever see the link unless if they ventured away from Reddit.  Some things become more popular on the site such as any news on Julian Assange or earlier the TSA and body scans. There is always something new to talk about and plenty of people who are willing to talk. Reddit will continue to grow and while it doesn’t provide any news or graphics from the site itself the users who post certainly do.


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