Thrasher Magazine is one publication that I have spent hour upon hour reading. They have been in business for thirty years. They are a very niche specific magazine. They have found their niche and become the best magazine there is for it. That niche is skateboarding. Thrasher has made the transition from print to online media brilliantly. Although this transition would be easy as skateboarding in itself is a very visual occurring. The magazines used to be run mostly by the pictures and then there was text to support those pictures. There were still videos, but not like there are now.  Also now there are so many professional skateboarders that are available to be seen. Not only will you see them in videos just skateboarding but you may see them hanging out on a tour bus or being interviewed on someones couch or anything.  Now almost everyone has the ability to take a small video and put it online. But, Thrasher has gone past the fact that content is easily found on the internet and they provide their own new content. They have information on the latest professional team tours, on events that will happen, different skate parks across the country, professionals, and most importantly they have their own video content. The website is set up in an interesting easy to use way where stories and videos are easy to find.

Check it out:


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