Lou Grant: Journalism as it was

Upon watching the first episode of a serious called Lou Grant, which aired in the late 70’s and earl 90’s, I found out a little more about journalism. You can watch the first episode online at hulu.com . I learned that was and also will be about getting the story out there. Sometimes it may be hard to do this. Using examples from this old TV episode you may be pressured because you don’t want to upset your contacts, or you may have a publisher that feels like they should get their way no matter what. The important thing to take away is if you are going after a story you need to go all in. You need to get the news out there even if the results may not be desirable. Basically sometimes you gotta do that which you don’t wanna do.


One thought on “Lou Grant: Journalism as it was

  1. DP says:

    Good points, Ian. It would be nice if you described some of the plot, too. HOW are these points made in the episode? This is a bit short. 300-words is a good minimum length for a blog post.

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